Ready 1 Year Supply


This 1 Year for One Person Kit includes 4 different breakfasts (544 servings total), 19 different entrees (1264 servings total), 2 side dishes (32 servings total), and 2 drink mixes (64 servings total). They taste great and prepare easily by just adding water. These entrées are sealed in structured polymer/metal pouches with oxygen absorbers, packed in 16 heavy ­duty buckest and can store for up to 25 years.


The 1 Year Kit provides peace of mind. This kit has everything you’ll need to eat 3 square meals a day with 2000 calories each day for twelve months for one person, three months for a family of four.

Start the day off right with a breakfast of Oatmeal and Brown Sugar or fresh, hot Old Fashioned Pancakes. Enjoy an evening meal of Pasta Alfredo, Stroganoff, and Vegetable Rotini, which are just a few of the entrées in this kit. Just add water to these fresh, quality ingredients, simmer, and your meal is ready in minutes. These foods are packaged in structured polyester and aluminum film pouches. Each pouch contains an oxygen absorber that maintains quality and nutrition for long-term storage. 468 premium pouches are shipped in sixteen large, BPA­-free buckets that can be opened and closed repeatedly without affecting shelf life.

739,200 total calories means over 205 calories/dollar.

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Breakfasts Meals

112 servings – Multi-Grain Cereal
144 servings – Strawberry Creamy Wheat
144 servings – Oatmeal with Brown Sugar
144 servings – Old Fashioned Pancake Mix

Main Entrées:

80 servings – Macaroni & Cheese
80 servings – Classic Chili Mix
80 servings – Pasta Primavera
80 servings – Cheesy Potato Soup
80 servings – Enchilada Beans and Rice
48 servings – Hawaiian Sweet and Sour
80 servings – Chicken flavored à la King
48 servings – Cheese and Broccoli Soup
80 servings – Italian Pasta with Marinara
80 servings – Pasta Alfredo
48 servings – Spicy Corn Chowder
80 servings – Stroganoff
80 servings – Creamy Potato Soup Mix
48 servings – Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup
48 servings – Southwestern Soup
48 servings – White Bean Chili Mix
48 servings – Vegetable Rotini
48 servings – Chili Mac
80 servings – Loaded Baked Potato Casserole

Side Dishes:

16 servings – Parboiled White Rice
16 servings – Refried Beans


32 servings – Non-Fat Dry Milk
32 servings – Chocolate Milk Alternative

Ready Supply Foods™ is a low-cost way to prepare for unforeseen events that occur in everyone’s life. Great taste and easy preparation make Ready Supply Foods™ the best way to prepare for the unexpected, at a price you can afford. There is no other company selling this many calories for your dollar.

Prepare now with delicious, wholesome and convenient storage foods from Ready Supply Foods.

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