Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so much lower than all the others? 

Good question. We use the same manufacturer as about a dozen other companies. We all sell exactly the same food items in the same pouches, placed in the same pails. The differences are these:

  • We call our pouches 4 servings each, others call theirs 6 servings, even 10 servings! Same food, same quantity.     Our servings are super-sized, theirs are mini-sized.
  • We don’t mark up the food as much as our competitors. It’s not that they are greedy, it’s just that we aren’t.

Other companies try to confuse you by saying that they have more servings than the other guy. It’s the same amount of food, only a lot of small servings. If they want to sell smaller servings, that’s their business. We just thought you should know. It’s not about the number of servings, it’s about the number of calories. 

How long will this food store?

As the old expression goes; your mileage may vary. Basically, this food will keep up to 25 years, under ideal conditions. This means keep it in a cool dark place, under 60˚F if you can do it. Because this food is stored in thick, structured packaging film and has an oxygen absorber in the pouch, you can be sure that it will be ready for you when you need it.

Is this food freeze-dried or dehydrated?

The short answer is both. We use dried foods (dehydrated) such as rice and noodles, just like you already have in your cupboard. We also have freeze-dried ingredients such as certain vegetables that don’t dry well, as well as powdered cheeses and milk products, again, just like you already have at home. We balance this combination of ingredients to bring great tasting, shelf-stable foods that will last for decades.

Do your shipping boxes say “Food Storage” on them?

Nope. We know that you are a private person, so are we. We wouldn’t want any nosey neighbors knowing how well we have prepared, and neither do you. All Ready Supply Foods are shipped in plain brown, unmarked packaging. Your privacy is maintained, and we don’t have to pay extra for fancy boxes, a savings we have factored into our low prices.

Is this old inventory?

Absolutely not! This is fresh food, recently packed. In most cases, the food will be packed specifically for your order. This means that it hasn’t been sitting around in a warehouse waiting to be ordered. The bottom line means that your food will store for the maximum amount of time.

How long does it take to get my food?

Because we pack your food on a demand basis, orders generally go out within a week. Add a week for shipping, and it ends up taking about two weeks. Closer destinations will be shorter, farther destinations will take a little longer. We ship all orders via FedEx Ground on this continent.

What if I am uncomfortable with online ordering?

No problem. Give us a call and we would be happy to take your order over the phone.  We also have mail in options if that suits your needs better.